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“cane haul road” is a term used to describe dirt roads running through plantation fields, on which sugar cane was transported.

Cane Haul Road, Ltd. was started in 1977, in a small cottage in Kaimuki, Honolulu, Hawai’i. From our first designs, our product line has reflected an effort to preserve, spotlight and celebrate Hawai’i’s unique lifestyle. With the influx of a large number of immigrant sugar plantation workers, a new and different community was formed, blending Asian, European, Hawaiian and American cultures. Local (pidgin) English, multi-ethnic foods, customs, holidays, dress, plants and animals; have all become subjects of our design focus. Our community is rich in visual, environmental and cultural diversity; and Cane Haul Road tries to capture that complexity with both reverence and a sense of humor.

Our company is best known for our line of screen printed t-shirts, but we also produce a gift line of dishtowels and notecards. In the past twenty five years, we have produced over 350 original designs. Shave ice, plate lunch, musubi, ukulele, mongoose, rice cooker, rubber slipper, crack seed, hibiscus, Hawaiian quilt and poi; have all been featured in our artwork. But, because we’re a small company, we are unable to stock everthing we’ve produced in the past. Our current line consists of designs that continue to sell well, some of which are quite old, and we introduce 12 to 15 new designs a year.

As Hawai’i continues to be impacted by globalization, we feel it is our mission to try and reflect those qualities that made our childhood, and our present lives so special. We are very aware of how lucky we are to live in Hawai’i and Cane Haul Road is an attempt to share our good fortune.

Mahalo, for viewing our site, and we hope you enjoy what you are seeing. We will be adding new items quarterly, so keep visiting.

Grant Kagimoto